Hatha yoga, vipassana meditation and osteo-thai therapy with Patrick Hoenner

07. 05. 2020 - 10. 05. 2020 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

Hatha yoga, vipassana meditation, kírtan and thai massage therapy

Regularly every year I organize workshop with Patrick Hoenner - born in France. His workshop is a huge inspiration for all attendants - Patrick has sweet nature of kindness and softness, has deep interest in the self-discovering, very nice sense of humour, and is attentative towards life in the wisdom and joy. He is many years parctitioner of the vipassana meditation, therapist of thai, ostheo-thai and wuo thai massage, and yoga. This year we will concentrate our attention in the workshop on the integral yoga attitude - the interconnection of the hatha yoga and vipassana meditation with mantra recitation. These methods influence our inner frequency of a bliss and a joy. Every single practice will be nourished by the joy and the inner awareness. The goal of the practice will be to open up our inner beautiful garden. The effort of Patrick in this workshop is to balance our inner energy level with the ostheo-thai massage, calming combination of the pressure, the vibration and the movements. Don't miss this extraordinary workshop which combines different parts of Hatha yoga and relaxation techniques.

190 euro (include everything)

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.

More photos from past workshops to see in the photo gallery.


Ashtanga Therapy weekend

22. 05. 2020 - 24. 05. 2020 | Retreat Centre Bělá nad Svitavou

the basics of dynamic practice, alignments of the body in the asanas, therapeutical attitude, physio-therapy

This weekend workshop is focused on the understanding of the deeper consequences in our personal asana practice. Well it doesnt really matter how the asana look like, but the most important is what the inner mental state is, if we know how to listen properly our body needs or if we train the body to reach some performance, if we understand and respect our body boundaries or we step out of it every time. During the afternoon classes - Friday and Saturday - Elena Kianičkova (physiotherapist and the dynamic asana practitioner) put the attention towards the detailed principles of the healthy alignment of the body and the movement. The healthy body movements are given to us, they are connected with the bio-dynamics and our movement developing and are generally valid. When we apply these skills during the asana practice, it brings amazing benefits: not only in the higher quality and the safety of the asana practice and deepening of the breathe. It transmit also into our daily life and the moments stereotypes. The path to do it good is to interconnect the movements with the nervous system, in the other way we will connect "the body" and "the mind" through the relaxation and concentration techniques.
In the morning practice you can examine these newly learned experiences in your own practice under the guidance of Kathy Rojkova (you can read more about me in the section "about me") in the led class or mysore class. The morning practice will start with the breathing exercises to improve our awareness in the body and change the breathing stereotype. The workshop will end up by relaxing mutual shiatsu therapy (around 30 minus) massage.
Delicious vegan food will be arranged by amazing chef Svetlana Synakova - Good Karma Gathering.

4.000,- kč/ early birds 3.800,- (paid by the end of February)

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Ashtanga Camp

20. 07. 2020 - 26. 07. 2020 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

the dynamic practice, ashtanga vinyasa, the summer holiday feeling, the fun and joy, afternoon thematically oriented classes, the summer cinema

Traditional super pleasant and favorite summer workshop where two teachers Kathy Rojkova and Boris Veera will connect their knowledge to guide you through the week full of the joy, the practice and the breathing methods. This one week workshop is concentrated on those people who are interested in the dynamic practice - both the beginners and the advanced practitioners. We will focud on the 1st and 2nd series Ashtanga Vinyasa and also the relaxation techniques, the work with the core and the softer yin and hathayoga. It is the week full of the summer holiday atmosphere, we will have the screening of the film, the siting near the fire place and the evening with the music therapy. There is the options to go to swim in the nearby natural swimming pool, have just a leisure time and relax under the trees, read the book and dive into the own practice. Very recommended workshop. You can come flexibly for one or two days - but the best is to attend full week to deepen your practice and relax properly. You are heartedly welcome to this workshop.

9.000,- kč/350 euro
one day attendance 1.200,- without stay/ 1.500,- with over night stay

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.

More photos from past workshops to see in the photo gallery.


Ayurveda and Hatha yoga basics, Svetlana Synakova and Katerina Rojkova

29. 07. 2020 - 02. 08. 2020 | Statek Trstěnice u Litomyšle/nebo Bělá nad Svitavou

the basics of hatha yoga practice, alignments of the body, breathing techniques, ayurvedic cooking, the basics of ayurvedic life rules, theoretic questions of ayurveda

This almost 4 days workshop is the special occasion to learn something about our body aligments, real basics of hatha yoga practice and connect it with the science of Ayurveda. In hatha yoga we will build from the basics of our body knowledge, we will learn how to breathe properly, how to relax the body when it is tired, we will concentrate on the therapeutical alignments of the body in the asanas, how to use our pelvic area. It will take us around 2 hours in the mornings and 1 hour in the evening. Asana practice under the guidance of Kathy Rojkova. In the afternoon classes you will learn something from the magic world of Ayurveda with Svetlana Synakova. You will get the basics of theoretical questioning, you will also learn what products to use for cooking and you will practically try all this in the cooking class. The delicious and the sattvic food which we will prepare together is vegan and super nutritious and healthy. This is highly recommended workshop during the summer leisure time. Connect the practical with the joyful.

6.300,- /250,- euro

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Fasting retreat with Patrick Hoenner, France

17. 08. 2020 - 23. 08. 2020 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

Fasting retreat with meditation, hiking, yoga and massage

Experience 5 days without food, understanding by the experience that not only you can do it but also you ll feel good doing this.
My 7 years of experience in this field will allow me to make easy for you . you will get preparation before and we’ll help you for food recovery.
During the retreat you will learn:
- class about Naturopathy to improve health , energy and joy
- knowledge about different technics of cleansing for internal organs and you ‘ll experience it if your body is ready for it
- kriya yoga ( cleaning techniques used by yogis)
- hatha yoga
- initiation to thai massage, osteo thai, wuo tai and oil massage, according to the level of your energy
- breathing technics to remove conditionning and restore your energy level
- classes of raw food (sprouted seeds, lactofermented, vegetable, fresh juice, raw crackerts, simple raw food)
- material to clean your skin (brush) , your tongue, your intestin, your nose.

400,- euro/ 10.000,- kč

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.