Hatha yoga, vipassana meditation and osteo-thai therapy with Patrick Hoenner

20. 08. 2020 - 23. 08. 2020 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

Hatha yoga, vipassana meditation, kírtan and thai massage therapy

Regularly every year I organize workshop with Patrick Hoenner - born in France. His workshop is a huge inspiration for all attendants - Patrick has sweet nature of kindness and softness, has deep interest in the self-discovering, very nice sense of humour, and is attentative towards life in the wisdom and joy. He is many years parctitioner of the vipassana meditation, therapist of thai, ostheo-thai and wuo thai massage, and yoga. This year we will concentrate our attention in the workshop on the integral yoga attitude - the interconnection of the hatha yoga and vipassana meditation with mantra recitation. These methods influence our inner frequency of a bliss and a joy. Every single practice will be nourished by the joy and the inner awareness. The goal of the practice will be to open up our inner beautiful garden. The effort of Patrick in this workshop is to balance our inner energy level with the ostheo-thai massage, calming combination of the pressure, the vibration and the movements. Don't miss this extraordinary workshop which combines different parts of Hatha yoga and relaxation techniques.

190 euro (include everything)

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