ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga vinyasa asana practice is a method which combines the set of asanas (1.,2. series and advanced series) with dynamic movements – vinyasa – between each position. We use specific calm and deep breath in the rhythm – the technique known as Ujjayi breath. More about ashtanga vinyasa yoga

Current schedule


10 euroDrop in Class (with a duration of 90 minutes)
30 euroMysore Class (with a duration of 120 minutes)

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Classes I offer

Beginners class – This class is designed for those students, who don’t have any previous experience with the dynamic practices of Asanas. I teach the foundations of dynamic practice, theoretical explanations of alignments for each asana - how to do the positions correctly, how to breathe, how to use the core muscles and pelvic area. I highly recommend these classes (usually as a course of 4 - 8 classes) to those who are sincere about their sadhana and would like to get proper grounding first before switching to Mysore classes.

Mysore classThe most recommended class which is aimed at including sincere practitioners who enjoy dynamic asana practices. These classes are not lead - everyone practices the series according their individual experience. Practitioners follow their rhythm of breath and are instructed individually. I give instructions and adjust each person as required.

Hatha yoga class – Hathayoga classes are recommended to everyone who is interested in practicing Asanas and breathing techniques. The course has no limitations - it is open to everyone. The rythm of the class is slower, we concentrate on therapeutic attitude and conscious breathing. The class is available for any age categories and also for people who may have health issues they would like to address.

Hot Yin jóga Everybody is welcome to this beautiful class. It is slow and mostly sitting or lying down Asanas. We stay in the postures for longer time and practice mindful awareness. Good also for beginners.