About me

„For everything I know today I owe and humbly thank my beloved guides and teachers, who with patience and attention help me overcome obstacles on my way to wisdom. Grace to the Guru…“

Kačka (1977) in the motion, on her way throughout life, in the constant change which is the only real Rule of this existence. Similarly to migratory birds I leave for India every winter to soak up the genius loci and so that I can share my love of this culture and philosophy with all who attend my yoga classes.




For the past 16 years I have been returning to India every winter with my never ending interest in discovering the new perspectives of this incredible and diverse culture.  My interest in Indian culture and yoga lifestyle came up long time ago. It had also influenced my choice of studies – the Religious Studies and Ethnology with the specification on Eastern Religious systems at the Faculty of Arts, Brno. In my life the winters belong to India, here I work and also have my time to discover the inner world of a deeper practice. Definitely one of the most interesting activities for me is to permeate into the world of Yoga, which is the path of going inwards. Once the snow is gone and the winter starts to be forgotten I come back to Czech republic, ready to share my experiences with those who are interested.



During my years of deep interest in the Yog path I have met and studied with many teachers, Indian as well as European and I feel grateful for this opportunity. The point of view on Yog is quite different in Europe and India and I love these differences and the connections and the finding the contexts.  To properly understand this lifestyle one has to however know the consequences and these I am discovering here – in India.

Yog is the process of revealing the consciousness and it is a lifestyle.

In my personal practice of ashtanga vinyasa I pay attention to the therapeutic movement of the body, breath and meditative state of the mind or diving inwards. Personally Yog path leads me towards the inner freedom, towards the life in the Present, it gives different quality to my inner life experience of the world and reality.


I share the same in my yoga classes. I guide my students to become aware of our unconscious and automatic movements of the body, to improve the patterns of the breathing and the mental process of the mind and its concentration.

I have been teaching for last 10 years. During the classes I share my personal experiences with my students, I give adjustments – which when done with the sensitivity are therapeutic and beneficial.  My students have the opportunity to discover if their interest in the practice is real, they have their space to practice on their own.  During the winter I spend my time in India, I assist my teacher in Mysore classes and I also work as a guide with people visiting UNESCO monuments mostly in India, Nepal and Tibet.

During the summer season I currently organize yoga workshops and retreats, the courses of ayurvedic cooking. I teach hatha yoga and ashtanga vinyasa in traditional style of the Mysore classes.


If you are interested in my personal attitude I am happy to meet you in the classes, or in any of the workshops I organize.


I graduated

  • 2018 TTC - Ashtanga Vinyasa, 2nd series - Nadi Shodhana, level two - under guidance of Vijaya Kumar, Mysore, India  
  • 2018 More than Anatomy: Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics in Yoga with Dr. Robert Lamport (England), India  
  • 2017 Workshop with Gregor Maehle (Germany), direct student of sri P. Jois  
  • 2016 Intensive Shiatsu Therapy Treatment – under the guidance
    of physiotherapist Jan Pletanek, ČR
  • 2014 Ashtanga Vinyasa workshop with Georg Woginger, Austria  
  • 2012 TTC - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – 1st series - Yoga Chikitsa, level one, under the guidance of Vijaya Kumar, Mysore, India  
  • 2012 Ayurvedic Massage School Certification – basic ayurvedic massage course, India  
  • 2010 RYA 200 hr Teacher Training Course – under guidance of Kamal Singh, Tattvaa Yogashala, Rishikesh, India  
  • 2010 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Andrew Eppler (USA), direct student of sri P.Jois  
  • 2009 Ashtanga Yoga For Women, Bobby Misity (USA), direct student of sri P.Jois  
  • 2007-2008 Kurz cvičitel jógy III. a II. třídy (150 hodin), Český Svaz Jógy, akreditováno MŠMT  
  • 2007 Teacher Training of Shivananda Traditional Hathayoga, 200 hr, Yoga Vidya, Germany  
previously completed