Workshops - archive 2019


Yoga and Ayurveda

02. 05. 2019 - 05. 05. 2019 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

The concept of this workshop is holistic - the combination of the principles of Ayurveda with asana and pranayama practice. Practical knowledge of the preparation of heathy good foods and the introduction into dynamic yoga practice step by step.

The concept of this workshop is holistic - you will learn how to use principles of ayurveda in daily life, how to use the spices in the foods to make you feel good, you will learn how to breathe properly and also you will get into the taste of dynamic yoga practices through gentle ways - step by step. If you want to have a look into the magic of holistic yoga attitude - this is one of the rare opportunities. Mornings we will spend time with our body and mind - we will learn how to use our breath and how to move in synchronicity in asana practice ( with Kathy). Afternoons are dedicated to the Ayurveda - you will get to know which type you are and what kind of spices and foods are good for you - theoretical part, and than you will learn how to cook balanced food on ayurvedic principles (with Svetlana). In the evening we will have time to relax and meditate a bit together.

150 euro
Deposit: 30 euro

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Ashtanga Intensive Retreat with Vijay Kumar, India

25. 05. 2019 - 29. 05. 2019 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

This is special occasion to practice with Vijay Kumar from Mysore, south India. Only for sincere practitioners

The workshop is the unique event of the season of 2019. It is directed only to the sincere practitioners of Ashtanga vinyasa, workshop is not suitable for the beginners in dynamic practice of yoga. Our retreat will start on Saturday 25th May with amazing vegan lunch made by Svetlana - Good Karma Gathering - at 2 PM and by evening opening class with Vijay - at 5.30 PM. We will finish this special workshop on Wednesday 29th May by morning practice and early lunch around 12 AM. The schedule of the workshop is the intense morning Mysore style self-practice (one lead class will be held as well) and the afternoon lectures which concentrates on particular topics of yoga sadhana - philosophy, pranayama, inversion class etc. The number of attendants is limited to 18 people and those with regular practice and students of Vijay will have priority. All the workshop is held in english language.

480 Euro include accommodation, lectures, vegan food
Deposit: 100 Euro
for this workshop there is the priority of euro payments

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Vipassana and yoga practice with Patrick Hoenner

06. 06. 2019 - 09. 06. 2019 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

Techniques of vipassana meditation, hathayoga in vinyasa style, yin yoga, thai massage therapy and sound therapy

One of the most favourite workshops of the season with amazing lecturer and therapist Patrick Hoenner. This year we have enriched the workshop with the elements of hatha yoga vinyasa practice. You will learn how to use vipassana meditation in daily life, during the day we will have 2 lectures of soft asana practice concentrated on the work with the core, strengthening of the shoulders, release of the tension through the yin yoga session. You will also learn how to give massage to your close ones and let them release the pain and tensions and relax this way. Therapeutical weekend full of joy, music and sharing. Belong the the most favourite workshops in last years.

160 Euro
Deposit 30 Euro

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Ashtanga camp

15. 07. 2019 - 21. 07. 2019 | Retreat centre Bělá nad Svitavou

Ashtanga vinyasa - yoga chikitsa and nadhi shodhana, pranayama, afternoon free-style lectures, evening projections, kirtan

Traditional summer camp is very nice occassion for all the interested parties about the dynamic practices of yoga. All levels of practitioners are welcome for this workshop. We combine morning more intense practice of Primary and Intermediate series with the afternoon lectures in more free and relaxed style. We will concentrate on meditation, pranayama, yin practice or moon sequence, working with the core, backbends and inversions. Evening programme is usually also joyful and relaxed - evening projections of thematic films, kírtan or swimming in the lake near by our house. This year we will hold the workshop with these lecturers - Katerina Rojkova, Boris Veera and Danka Skye (amazing yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist). We are quite sure you will not feel bored at all. This is very pleasant summer camp meeting and sharing of the practice.

290 Euro
Deposit: 40 Euro

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.


Yoga retreat – the special event

14. 09. 2019 - 21. 09. 2019 | Virgin island Vis, Croatia

Retreat, ashtanga vinyasa, meditation, pranayama, ayurveda

This is very unique retreat in the virgin island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. It is directed to those practitioners who want to advance in their practice in seclusion and surrounded by the virgin nature near to the sea. Sea is one of the most pranic places to work with the vital forces. Retreat focuses on morning self-practice, pranayama techniques and principles of ayurveda in the daily life. We will concentrate on the process of personal development. We will practice next to the sea and you will have also time to enjoy the swimming during the day time or make little trip around the island. You will stay in very beautiful apartments with sanitary facilities and kitchen placed near to the seaside. One of the most beautiful beaches is around 400 m away from our base. It is international workshop, lecturers: Lisa Ivanovich (Italy), Kathy Rojkova (Czech) and Svetlana Synakova (Russia). Make a time for yourself, this is really unique opportunity to practice and enjoy the beauty of Mediterranean Sea area.

Price of the workshop is 585 ,- euro ( including transport by bus, ferry, accommodation in the apartments - 3-4 stars, 2 x day super good vegan foods and lectures).
The price without travel expenses - 540 euro.
Payments in advance - 50 % - is necessary by the end of March

You can also book your place on an email or phone 776 550 524.

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